Ach Hamburg, wat hab ick dich vermisst…
Garnicht. Aber jetzt bin ich trotzdem da ¯\_ (ツ)_/¯

If it's a "polycule" is it then also a "monocule"? Or would a relationship of two people be an elemental polycule? And if yes, are Aroace that don't want relationships the noble gases of the polycule-world?

Advantages of living in a hacker household: I have 99,9% pure acetone available as nail polish remover. Disadvantages of living in a hacker household: I somehow *only* have 99.9% pure acetone available as nail polish remover.

I can with certainty claim that this is the longest my fingernails have ever been. But they are still thin to the point of bending and I also have no idea how to properly care for them because I have never had fingernails this long.

Berlin, 4:30 in the morning. Sometimes I forget just how far north this city is. During solstice it gets proper dark for almost 5 hours.

So, how old were you when you realized it's "headcanon" because it's the canon that is true in your head instead of "headcannon" because it's the version of the story that blows your mind like a head-cannon?
Or was that just me?

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Der Abrechnungsbetrug in Testzentren hat keinerlei "Datenschutzgründe", wie einige aktuell behaupten. Es ist wieder einmal nur die billige Suche nach Ausreden, um die eigentlichen Fehler zu verschleiern. Hier drei Punkte, die das nachvollziehbar machen:

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Why do I always forget I have social media I can push this stuff to?
Well anyway, have some foxes \o/

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Windows sysadmin:
I dunno, I rebooted the server and now it works

Linux sysadmin:
What the fuck do you mean you rebooted the server!? All you had to do was pipe that thing into this thing and then give the output to this thing over here, then restart these 7 services. After that you'd simply edit these 16 configuration files and rsync these 3 folders from the backup server! Why the fuck would you reboot the server, do you have any idea what you've done? That caused a whole 3 minutes of downtime! Go sit in the corner and reflect on what you've done. You're not getting any dinner today.

@elfi I'd call it a Ferrari of 3D-Printers but honestly it's slightly more expensive than a Ferrari :p

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worldpol, dystopia 

Treating corporations as paperclip optimizer AIs is probably a very reasonable approximation. Coka Cola is just optimizing getting sugary liquids down as many peoples throat at a profit as possible, health be damned. Facebook is just optimizing eyeball-time on (ad-ridden) front-page, democracy and psychological health be damned.
However, seeing how good and successful we are at regulating this AI I have little hope for our time with the computerized one.

I've finished my first post on ejabberd setup & maintenance. It's not what you'd call a hands-on guide but it'll at least give you a list of what you have to do:

Woher kommt hierzulande die Idee das die einen selber schützt? Ich hatte das Gefühl dass das die eine Kommunikation ist bei der 🇩🇪 nicht versagt hat; das die Maske ein solidarischer Schutz *aller anderen* ist. Vielleicht war ich da zu tief in meiner Filterbubble.

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