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aich verstehe ja, dass Menschen die Optik eines Feuerwerks geil finden.

Das geht aber auch mit Drohnen die LEDs tragen und eine Choreografie fliegen.

Vorteil: wiederverwertbar, weniger CO2, kein verstörender Lärm für Tiere, Menschen die vom Krieg traumatisiert wurden und allgemein lärmempfindlichen Menschen.

Nachteil: weniger Bewerbungen für den Darwin-Award.

Ich würde den Deal eingehen.

Lining up connectors with their matching part on separate PCBs. Thanks KiCadStepUp for making this a painless process.

Putting stuff together I'm happy to be able to finally see progress \o/

Also here's *checks notes* Excaliber, Excalibur is in repair at the moment.

On the note of clones of centralized software but with ActivityPub instead, a Reddit alternative.

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Me every time some company writes "LINUX" in all caps as they would write UNIX™:


Can we just take a minute and appreciate the amazing logo of the ESA ACT?

Since I've seen a few of those now:
1. First language: C++
2. Had difficulties: Haskell
3. Most used: Rust, Haskell, Python, C
4. Totally hate: Go (so much wasted potential q.q)
5. Most loved: Haskell
6. For beginners: Python
7. Want to learn: … Yes.

OH: Und die RAM-Riegel legen wir auf einen Stapel … sogenannten Stapelspeicher.

Short reminder that Pokémon rolled its own character encoding format with 0x50 as string terminator, incompatible changes between generations and discontinous character blocks. Also it stores upper case, lower case, numbers in that order which makes it different from both ASCII (number, upper, lower) and EBDIC (lower, upper, number).

Ebooks with sub-second timestamp precision. But hey, at least I can now tell you that one of the books in my library has been released on the 20th November 2010 at roughly 15:37:21.077000 UTC.

I found a bug. Trying to analyze that bug lead me to find another bug. Trying to fix that bug lead me to a kernel bug (that is being fixed in 5.3 already). Working around that kernel bug showed me that the original bug is intermittent depending on god knows what and that the second bug was masking a fourth one in a library I am using. This is going to be one of those nights, isn't it?

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Training a neural network to generate fake ICD-10 (illness/injury) codes.

My favorites so far:

Z620 Acquired absence of left ankle

Z8611 Immunization not carried out because of brain, unspecified, sequela

W3501XS Accidental discharge of prostate

Heute morgen erstmal einen Buttplug in einer Schiebelehre ausgemessen. Und, wie beginnt dein Samstag so?

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OH: "Wie heißt das? Das 'Communication' steht bei uns an zweiter Stelle?"

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