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If you scroll over wrapped lines using j/k you may notice your cursor jumping over the wrapped part of the line because vim ignores wrapping. If you use gj/gk vim will instead put the cursor on the next line *visually*, taking wrapping into account. You can make this behaviour default too by putting `map j gj` and `map k gk` into your vimrc.

`:w(rite)` work for selections: You can select some lines in visual mode and use `:w /some/filename` to only write the selected lines into that file.
Also you can use `:r(ead) /some/filename` to read a file — or even use `:r(ead) !/some/command` to include the stdout of that program.

You can open many types of compressed files directly: `(n)vim` and `(n)vim data.tar.gz` will let you open, edit &save files within the archive — if your distribution includes zip.vim and tar.vim respectively.

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Between the idea
And the reality
Between the motion
And the act
Falls the Shadow.


I have a thing I *need* to do. I also have a lot of things I *want* to do. But I don't manage to do the former one and I'm forbidding myself to do the latter until I've done the former. So I'm sitting around getting neither the things I need to do nor the things I want to do actually done. It's frustrating.

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aich verstehe ja, dass Menschen die Optik eines Feuerwerks geil finden.

Das geht aber auch mit Drohnen die LEDs tragen und eine Choreografie fliegen.

Vorteil: wiederverwertbar, weniger CO2, kein verstörender Lärm für Tiere, Menschen die vom Krieg traumatisiert wurden und allgemein lärmempfindlichen Menschen.

Nachteil: weniger Bewerbungen für den Darwin-Award.

Ich würde den Deal eingehen.

Lining up connectors with their matching part on separate PCBs. Thanks KiCadStepUp for making this a painless process.

Putting stuff together I'm happy to be able to finally see progress \o/

Also here's *checks notes* Excaliber, Excalibur is in repair at the moment.

On the note of clones of centralized software but with ActivityPub instead, a Reddit alternative.

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Me every time some company writes "LINUX" in all caps as they would write UNIX™:


Can we just take a minute and appreciate the amazing logo of the ESA ACT?

Since I've seen a few of those now:
1. First language: C++
2. Had difficulties: Haskell
3. Most used: Rust, Haskell, Python, C
4. Totally hate: Go (so much wasted potential q.q)
5. Most loved: Haskell
6. For beginners: Python
7. Want to learn: … Yes.

OH: Und die RAM-Riegel legen wir auf einen Stapel … sogenannten Stapelspeicher.

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