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Morning Mastopeeps!
A quickie inspired by my wife’s yoga teacher training last year.
Nothing like a good blast of energy to start the day...

#creativetoots #MastoArt #digital #art #yoga

Getting two new furry roommates is the best decision I've made this year 🌸 #mastocats is not available on #Fdroid yet ?

Its seems open source :

Would be nice to have a more user friendly alternative to #osmand

poke @fdroidorg

Wer schon neulich an der EU Umfrage zur Uhrenumstellung teilnehmen wollte: Der Server scheint momentan brav zu funktionieren.

Die Fragen sind, meiner persönlichen Eineschätzung nach, sehr sinnvoll gestaltet inkl. der Antwortmöglichkeiten. (Multiple Choice UND Freitext Felder.)

Dauert keine 3 Minuten.

Los, tut was für unser aller Gesundheit! Permanente Sommerzeit FTW!

OH (bezüglich Art. 13): "Sollen sie nur machen. Ich finds nur schade, dass das echte, offene Internet danach so hart nach Zwiebel riechen wird..."

Gentle reminder:

Tomorrow, Tuesday 2018-06-11, is another incarnation of the BSD Stammtisch in hot Vienna/Austria.
This time we'll be talking about packages, packaging, port, tips and tricks, best practices for working with pkg(8) and what to avoid.
Not only for FreeBSD, but experiences from OpenBSD as well.

Interested in the BSDs? Drop by, we're a friendly, welcoming bunch of beginners and pros alike.

So, on a FOSS OS, which window manager and/or desktop environment are you using and WHY are you using exactly that one?
What were your thoughts to make that descision?
From with other system/OS/WM/DE did you change to the one you're using and why did you leave your old home?
What are you missing from your old setup, and what is annoying you in the new one? How could it be fixed?

And to give context: What task are you doing with your computer mainly?

I want to learn about ALL the GUIs.

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