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As my physics prof used to say, if you’re going to do something illegal, make sure you’re only doing one illegal thing at a time

Knapp 24h nicht auf Twitter gewesen. Finde, es fehlt nix.

"Ich hab Streckenkunde, ich weiss wo es was zu essen gibt!" #ausbildungsleaks

"Auf der S1 sind voll viele Dönerbuden!" - "Ja klatr, heisst ja auch Ess-Bahn" #ausbildungsleaks

When someone asks me the reason why fascist scum is on the rise worldwide

I've just realized something - when I talk about non-removeable batteries I get the response that it's a necessary design to make the phone water-proof.

📱 :blobthinkingglare:

But you *can* design a fully water proof phone where only the (user replaceable) battery has lessened water protection. If anything does happens, only the battery will be at risk - and it'll easily replaceable!

🔋 :blobreach:

This #Windows10 insider survey is golden: "List 3 adjectives that best describe your experience with Windows 10."

- Anguish
- Frustration
- Horror

You're welcome.

"I can complete a complex computer-based task (e.g., setting up a printer or wi-fi)"

If setting up a printer or a wi-fi is considered a complex computer-based task, you have failed in your design. Both of these should be trivial tasks (they often aren't, but should be).

'I Cut Google Out Of My Life. It Screwed Up Everything'

"The more frequent effect of the Google block though is that the internet itself slows down dramatically for me.

"Most of the websites I visit have frustratingly long load times because so many of them rely on resources from Google... On Airbnb, photos won’t load... Because I’m blocking Google, Dropbox thinks I’m not a real person and won’t let me sign in."

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incompetence levels are currently at 70% but fluctuating wildly

(70%) ■■■■■■■□□□

Wow, if you have access to a running ubuntu laptop, and you put it in suspend mode, and then remove the hardware, you can just log on to the running system afterwards (no password needed) and look at every still open/cached application, extract passwords kept in RAM (full disk encryption, anybody?), etc.
It's been wontfixed for a couple of months:

Given the current state of Mac hardware in general and MacBook Pros in particular, this is a very dim future ahead. I just cannot accept the abhorrent things Apple calls “keyboards” in their laptops. No hardware upgradability is a no-go for professionals.

macOS itself is becoming worse and worse with each and every release in terms of UI/UX, stability and functionality. Apple is determined to completely take away general computing and lock it down to an iOS/ChromeOS state.

Unexplained Phenomena, Software Programming

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