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hey maybe
just like, hear me out
we shouldn't let large portions of the internet go down just because some techbros changed 1 line of config

It's that time of the month again -- the July 2020 Update Blog is live!

I have said we have too much news to list for several previous entries, but that's especially true today. This is the biggest update we've had yet.

- #PinePhone @postmarketOS Edition preorders live
- OG #Pinebook upgrade kit back on horizon
- #PineTime with @JF firmware upcoming
- Say hello to #Pinecil


Peak „DB juckt Masken überhaupt nicht“ Erlebnis heute:
Zugbegleiter zu Mensch der keine Maske aufhat „Sie müssen hier eigentlich Maske tragen“
Mensch ohne Maske „Heißt das ich muss die jetzt aufsetzen“
ZuB „Nee, nur zur Information“

Facebook acquires OpenStreetMap partner Mapillary - 

Look what my printer sent me 😍. Maybe I should also offer Metal/Alu-Dibond prints... (featuring Raring Ringtail).

This is a CMYK print (waterproof) but it is also possible to print them with more colors in museum-quality.

#art #illustration #mastoart

A: Es klingt zwar schräg, aber Spaghetti mit Tomatensoße und Weißwurst sind richtig geil!
B: Das ist das bayrische Piccata milanese?

Jé fé un tableau pour le salon de coiffure de @lucie

Fais-toi couper les cheveux par @lucie , son skill éclipse les étoiles

#mastoart #art

Holy shit you guys! The #EU has adopted a standard to measure how repairable something is!

This means the path is now clear to make actual laws requiring companies to make their products repairable.

#EN45554 #Repair #RightToRepair

@izaya thing is, there are operating systems like Firefox or Chrome that happen to also be capable of viewing HTML documents by accident, but I wouldn't call them document viewers.

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