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Die Hornbach App. Es gibt immer was zu tun. Yippie Ya Ya Yippie Yippie Yeah!

Link rot is such a pervasive problem for anything that's older than 1-2 years. I wish more folks at all levels of managing websites would have some awareness that keeping URLs stable or setting up redirects is important for our collective memory.

For context – the design for #rC3 (the Remote Chaos Experience) by KREATUR WORKS has been released yesterday!

There's a style guide here:

And a guide on how to build your own pixel worlds here:

MS-Teams-Profilbild einer befreundeten Lehrkraft die an der Schule zur Nutzung von MS Teams *gezwungen* wird. #YouMadeMyDay

Manche Schulen kapieren es nicht, aber #DigitalSouveräneSchule geht nun mal anders!

Ende-zu-Ende-Verschlüsselung muss die Regel werden, um den Schutz von Wirtschaft, Zivilgesellschaft und Politik im 21. Jahrhundert zu gewährleisten.
Stattdessen würde uns dieser Schuss ins eigene Knie zurück in die Steinzeit katapultieren

Waffen aus dem 3D-Drucker.
Terror, Panik, Gummiringerl!

The EU Council is pushing for encryption backdoors to messenger apps such as WhatsApp and Signal to fight terrorism (German article):

Despite the fact that errors of investigation in Austrian authorities had made the attack possible in the first place and not a lack of digital surveillance powers. Politicians must start to understand that more surveillance will not lead to more security. That's why we fight any attempt for an encryption backdoor:

Wenn ich zwei Tabs mit Confluence und Jira drin zu mache, wird mehr RAM freigegeben als ich zu Schulzeiten Festplattenspeicher hatte. 🤷

Für die Nicht‐Informatiker·innen: „Quantum encryption“ ist vor allem ein Buzzword und nicht zu verwechseln mit „post‐quantum cryptography“, einem sehr spannenden Forschungsfeld mit praktischen Anwendungsfällen.

Trademarking the trademark symbol (™™) and causing a large percentage of intellectual property lawyers to enter a blocking infinite loop immediately

When the euro bank notes were designed, they used European-style bridges which were *non-existing*, not to have to choose between countries.

The Dutch town of Spijkenisse claimed them all for the Netherlands by building them on a waterway. #Europe #Netherlands

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