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@th From memory, there was a great design around recently where someone built a USB-C device that used detection of cable orientation so it wouldn't work until you plugged it and unplugged it once, flipped the cable and plugged it in again, then unplugged it and put it back the first way again.

Es sind immernoch 2 Stück davon abzugeben! 4-zeilige textbasierte Moasik-LCD-Anzeiger, doppelseitig, ca. 100 kg, 230V, RS485, Characterset Codepage 437. Abholung in 63303 Dreieich, wäre gut, wenn die bis zu meinem Umzug im August weg sind :D

Und diese ganzen Regeln kommen, wie seit Jahrzehnten, von Leuten,
die _alle_ Freiheiten hatten. Kein Aufnahmeverfahren, keine Platzbeschränkungen, keine Mindestleistungen, keine Maximalstudiendauer.
Aber die Erstis von heute müssen da jetzt _überall_ durch.

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explicitly lewd OH, kink 

OH: i'm just imagining the obligatory scene... "oh no i forgot my safeword! uhhh amazon! google! aws! twitter! microsoft! apple! azure! docker! ooohhhh *moans*"

Apeirogon and the Destiny of Tomorrow (Final)

The final version of the album cover I helped to bring to life. I did a majority of the artwork (seen in my previous post), but left the rest of the process to the other artist. This is the end result.

There are actually 6+ variants of this album cover, which use a different background/sky based on the song played on the album. This is the main piece however.

#mastoart #art #digitalart #illustration #landscape #artwork #fantasy #fantasyart

Hat jemand ne XSS-Lücke in der CDUconn3ct App bestellt? Nein? Egal, hier ist sie:

Veröffentlichungsmodus: Fuck You disclosure

If it's a "polycule" is it then also a "monocule"? Or would a relationship of two people be an elemental polycule? And if yes, are Aroace that don't want relationships the noble gases of the polycule-world?

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