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headphones, money 

I feel like all consumer tech gets more complex and expensive for no reason, while becoming even worse to repair. "let‘s make a lifestyle product of it and see how much we can charge".
We‘re doomed.

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What's the point of these stale bot on GitHub? The bug won't magically disappear just because nobody interacted with it in X time...

Auch die SPÖ #Wien macht sich Sorgen. Die Stadt könnte gezwungen sein, mehr für den #Fahrradverkehr zu investieren. Um das zu verhindern, bringt sie das echte Killerargument: Wenn Bäume gefällt werden müssen, sind die Fahrräder schuld.


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Ich hatte gerade so einen „Trendforschungs-Umfrage“ Dude am Telefon.

Hab freundlich gesagt, dass ich keine Zeit habe und sie bitte unsere Nummer sperren sollen.


Dome under - We come from Austria, not Australia!

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Jedes Mal, wenn ein sehr komplexer Algorithmus als Qualitätsmerkmal herausgestellt wird, stirbt ein Informatik-Studienanfänger, der gerade die Vorlesung Theoretische Informatik hört

Ganz ehrlich: #Tankrabatt war eine so offenkundig dumme Idee.
Die hab ich überhaupt nicht ernstgenommen.
Da war doch klar, dass so ein Unsinn niemals durchgehen würde.


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Also DAMIT konnte ja NIEMAND rechnen.


Die Spritpreise haben vor dem Start des Tankrabatts am Mittwoch noch einmal kräftig zugelegt. Und dass die Preise abrupt absinken werden, ist alles andere als sicher. Laut Finanzministerium könnte sich die Steuerentlastung erst sukzessive in den Preisen niederschlagen.


I work at a ccTLD (.IS), and lately we are seeing a *lot* of new accounts immediately registering multiple domains that all had been registered in the past. I suspect we're not the only ccTLD that sees this.

We know of at least two instances of this being used to take over social media accounts that had e-mails in expired domains set as backup e-mail addresses.

This seems to be organized and well-resourced.

Please double-check you don't use e-mails in any expired domains anywhere.


The aliens watched the cleaning robot known as 'Stabby the Roomba' work its way past them.
"The Humans named it."
"Exemplifying the Human propensity for seeing Humanity in, well, anything."
"With one curious exception."
"Other Humans."
"Historically. They learned."
#MicroFiction #TootFic #SmallStories

These are NGC5426 and NGC5427, collectively known as Arp271, a pair of interacting spiral galaxies located about 130 million lightyears away.

I took this image back in 2018 with VIMOS, an instrument at ESO's Very Large Telescope in Chile. I was the Instrument Scientist, and that night we were decommissioning the instrument to make room for a new one, so I decided to take one last farewell image to celebrate all the cool science done with this instrument over the years.

"Wait," the alien said, "you're a 'human'? I thought you were extinct?"
"Let me check. Didn't ozone layer depletion kill you?"
"Our bad. We fixed that."
"Lead poisoning?"
"That too."
"Climate change?"
"That too. Eventually."
"Looks like this is your lucky timeline."
#MicroFiction #SmallStories


I invented a new cocktail which is basically Tschunk with chilled jasmine tea instead of Mate.

I'm considering to name it Junk.

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